Manage your end-to-end AI development cycle, such as data annotation, model building, model maintenance, and automated machine learning.

How to integrate my customer dialogue data with the latest AI technology?

It Works Seamlessly

Ingests customer dialogues or online conversations with our proprietary data engine that connects your contact center data with the latest AI technology, giving you full empowerment of your customer interactions.

What if I don’t have enough training data?

Improve As You Train

Leveraging our effective data annotation technology, our platforms uses a simplified human-to-AI feedback mechanism for generating training data quickly while maximizing model accuracy.

What if I want to customize the AI engine to fit my business scenarios?

Customizable Business Rules

An interface is available to build your desired business rules into our AI models. This includes the ability to sort data by what is relevant to you, while allowing you to effortlessly select the best models to use for different scenario.

Can I apply this application to other contact centers across the world?

25+ Languages Support

Our data engine is language agnostic, meaning it can be applied in most languages. As of now, it is applicable to 25+ different languages while also accounting for local variations in slang and cultural references.

How do I have full control of your entire AI Cycle?

Full Control

Designed for managing your entire AI development cycle: our product includes tools for managing data annotator, model selection, parameter tuning, and automated machine learning.

What if I want to integrate my AI application to our legacy system?

API Integration

Our team has worked with one of the largest contact center operation in the world, and we have the expertise in building industry standard APIs.